Welcome to Limit Login Attempts Reloaded

Thank you for choosing Limit Login Attempts Reloaded - A simple, yet powerful bot-blocking plugin that keeps your login page safe.

With This Plugin, You Can…

  • View who’s trying to access your site
  • Protect from future attacks by allowing or denying IPs
  • Optimize site performance by redirecting malicious logins
  • Receive email alerts when your site is under attack
  • Synchronize lockout data across a network of sites

And Much More!

Although we recommend using the default settings, you can get a quick video tutorial if you wanted to learn more about the plugin and what it does.

If you have more questions, please check out the help section on our website.

2,000,000+ active installations on
WordPress worldwide!

Looking for advanced protection? Try our premium service for only $4.99/month!

Performance Optimizer
We absorb up to 100k login attempts (per month) to keep your site at optimal performance
Lockout/IP Throttling
Longer lockout intervals each time a hacker/bot tries to login unsuccessfully
Premium Support Forum
Get your technical questions answered by our experts
Intelligent IP Blocking/Unblocking
We make sure the legitimate IP’s are allowed automatically
CSV Download of IP Data
CSV Download of all IP data
Synchronized Lockouts
Lockouts can be shared between multiple domains
Synchronized Safelist/Blacklist
Safelist/Blacklists can be shared between multiple domains
Auto Backup Of All Data
Regular cloud backups of all data

We highly recommend upgrading if you are a…

  • Digital Agency
  • Site admin w/ multiple domains
  • E-commerce website
  • A forum
  • A website with a lot of traffic
  • A website that holds sensitive data
  • A website with hundreds or thousands of registered users
  • A website that is constantly being attacked
Questions? Email us at sales@limitloginattempts.com